Sunday, May 14, 2017

Daikin FT aircon and Remotec ZXT 120

In the quest to make the existing appliances "smart" or otherwise enabling dumb devices to be even dumber with unnecessary initiative.

I got the reputed bad review Remotec ZXT 120. As I already expected it to be bad, my expectations were clearly exceeded.

This isn't the first attempt I've tried to get IR blasters to work. I vaguely remembered early attempts at trying to program the IR on my Palm 3 and Palm V. Needless to say, this went a lot better than expected.

Tip 1:

After reading the instructions first (rare occasion) , being a bit more careful. I discovered you need to change the mode of the Remotec first before joining the Z-wave bridge, in my case Fibaro. This is important as you cannot change the mode once connected. If you forget to do so, you need to exclude the device and do the setup again.

Tip 2:

The temperature is wrong.  Well, there is an offset that can be configured on the z-wave bridge. There is a parameter to allow for the offset. The short of it is that the thermostat is slow and inaccurate, but you can muck around with it until you get fairly average temp readings over a long averaged period which isn't that bad.

Tip 3:

I use a Daikin FT25DVM. The Remotec site have a serious number of codes for Daikin and I must have spent at least 2 hours trying codes in a tikam tikam approach. Noted not the best, hence I never got the code until I did a google and find a forum response of yet another pettson complaining about the Remotec and Daikin, But the silver lining was that he gave the code. Much thanks there.

It's Code 6 !!

If I did start from 1 and went on to the 2nd number instead  of jumping around, it might have been faster. I was also misled by the Fibaro HCL to say a soft reset is needed before the code is implemented, which was not true. You can just set the numbers in and save and it is immediately usable in the controls.

Actual Use

So I can now turn on my air-con from my phone in any room without any knowledge if it's actually on or not from a thermostat that might tell me an hour or so later. Is there any good stuff out of this? Now I can add the air-con to scenes for Alexa. So "Alexa, turn on sleep", it actually can turn on the AC. Just in time for hot weather when the Fan just isn't enough.

dead pi

Well, I guess it has to happen at some point. the home automation raspberry pi has died. Much to do with the stupid Strontium mini SD card. ...