Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Using bridges to integrate gaps

There are some great products out there, but some great products just don't connect to other great products out of the box.

Things that work Out of the box
1. Alexa with Hue
2. Homekit/Siri with Hue
3. Fibaro HCL to Sonos (limited features using plug in)

Things that can be bridged
1. Alexa to Fibaro HCL (ha-bridge)
2. Alexa to Sonos (ha-bridge + sonos-http-api)
3. Fibaro HCL to Hue for Automation Scenes (Domoticz)
4. Fibaro HCL to Sonos for Scene Automation (sonos-http-api)

Things that shouldn't be bridged
1. Alexa with Siri

Automation Management Control
1. Alexa for voice controls
2. Individual Fibaro, Hue and Sonos schedulers for alerts and alarms
3. IFTTT for integration with cloud services and email.
4. Fibaro for integrated scenes, e.g. door opens, lights come on and music start playing. Z-wave motion sensor triggers Hue light.

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