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is the PPC Mac still usable?

I'm back to using the PPC Macs again just for fun. Namely the G5 iMac 10.4 and recently donated G4 iBook 10.5.

The designs are quaint and with the right mix of software, can still be quite a usable computer. Most applications are on the internet (and I refrain from using the word "cloud").

Optimised Firefox

So the first thing to do to make this computer usable is to get the "latest" and "optimised" browser which I downloaded from

Media Player

If Quicktime isn't able to play a media file, I like VLC and you can still get a PPC version from their download page. Select the Universal version.

Remote Desktop Client

To use other applications and get more power, we probably have to connect to our main system.

We will need a remote desktop tool for that. We could use the standard VNC to another machine on the home network which is great. This feature is available from finder, you nee…