Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just when you think its safe to use Vista

Well, as I dropped my occupation as a consultant for microsoft stuff, I might as well complain a bit about my own pangs for using Vista.

I've been using Vista for quite a while now on various desktops and laptops, and its failed me several times and somehow always saved itself after some re-install or patch or issue. To be honest, I really started to like to use Vista, its stable, simple and effective minus the initial setbacks.

Initially it couldn't burn ISOs. Actually it couldn't burn anything at all, everytime you put in a CD it asks if you want to format it. Even non blank CDRs. You need to google and dig out some special software, The best I've seen is ISOrecorder. That of course worked after a re-install with a later build.

After the CD burning drama, it couldn't recognise all my devices, so I had a pile of peripherals lying in a corner of a room. Even after device drivers were created for some devices, I've already moved on to the 64 bit version of Vista and the whole driver saga continues. I still can't use my Sony Net MD with 64bit Vista. I'm probably going to try to VM the software and drivers. I actually solved the driver issues by buying a mac, at least all my peripherals are usable now.

Still Vista is great for corporations because it is cheap, easy to manage and control. Its stable, lets the laptop sleep properly and lets you surf the net and check emails. The enterprise version or business versions are good enough.

I have even moved to Windows 2008 64 bit for workstation and was very pleased with the results. Since then, I've downgraded back to Vista Ultimate for media center as the Hauppage HVR-1100 WinTV does not work with Windows 2008. But there was one thing I've done different from just fighting vista. Next to my Vista desktop is my Mac Book Pro!

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