Saturday, November 29, 2008

Best OS for PC laptops - Ubuntu

This post is inspired after fighting Vista during my years as a "Microsoft" consultant. Now that I am no longer bound in M$ space, I've bought a mac book pro and also been downloading different distros of Linux for my other machines. Of course, my desktop will still run Vista Ultimate because of windows media center and my Xbox 360. No i'm fair, I think Windows still has its place.

But the focus is on the best OS for laptops. I've just installed Ubuntu 8.1 and I have to say, I'm really blown away. I've also downloaded Fedora, but based on the install size of Ubuntu, I think I'm going to keep it on Ubuntu. Its so easy to use and everything works, no fighting with drivers, etc. Which is the massive thing about Vista, the reason why you need 30+ days to activate your version of Windows if probably because you expect it to break within that stated time, and yes, it always does. I will need to install my laptop at least 2 - 3 times to get the right install for Windows. Jeez, if Windows was headed to the open source and stability of Unix way, it is certainly doing a great job making it difficult to install like the early distros of linux.

I'm not sure whether to say whether Vista is a easier system to use if you're a total computer idiot. However, if you're a computer idiot, any operating system would not make a difference

So, basically if you want a laptop operating system that you don't want to spend too much time fixing. Try Ubuntu, just kill your windows partition altogether, who needs it?

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