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difference between the home and the enterprise

This post tries to compare how the home is similar to the work place.

Somehow most people are impressed with the amount of IT stuff i have in my home. To be honest, it used to be more impressive with a full height rack and all my mounted equipment.

Since marriage and children, its scaled down to a 9U rack with the simple contents of:

1. cable modem
2. wireless router
3. cat6 patch panel
4. 16 port switch
5. network attached storage

The rack nicely tucked away in the store room out of site. My machine count has scaled down considerably as well.

1. Windows Vista Desktop - Media Center, Games, Vmware, etc
2. Mac book pro laptop - my main "workstation"
3. Boring work laptop with office apps
4. Xbox 360 and Wii

So in terms of space, it doesn't take up a ton of space as its just these 2 visible computers most of the time. However, this excludes my multiple mixers, audio interfaces, synths, guitars, amps, speakers, mics, effects pedals, drum kit and PA system. Which of course is another sto…

Best OS for PC laptops - Ubuntu

This post is inspired after fighting Vista during my years as a "Microsoft" consultant. Now that I am no longer bound in M$ space, I've bought a mac book pro and also been downloading different distros of Linux for my other machines. Of course, my desktop will still run Vista Ultimate because of windows media center and my Xbox 360. No i'm fair, I think Windows still has its place.

But the focus is on the best OS for laptops. I've just installed Ubuntu 8.1 and I have to say, I'm really blown away. I've also downloaded Fedora, but based on the install size of Ubuntu, I think I'm going to keep it on Ubuntu. Its so easy to use and everything works, no fighting with drivers, etc. Which is the massive thing about Vista, the reason why you need 30+ days to activate your version of Windows if probably because you expect it to break within that stated time, and yes, it always does. I will need to install my laptop at least 2 - 3 times to get the right install …

Just when you think its safe to use Vista

Well, as I dropped my occupation as a consultant for microsoft stuff, I might as well complain a bit about my own pangs for using Vista.

I've been using Vista for quite a while now on various desktops and laptops, and its failed me several times and somehow always saved itself after some re-install or patch or issue. To be honest, I really started to like to use Vista, its stable, simple and effective minus the initial setbacks.

Initially it couldn't burn ISOs. Actually it couldn't burn anything at all, everytime you put in a CD it asks if you want to format it. Even non blank CDRs. You need to google and dig out some special software, The best I've seen is ISOrecorder. That of course worked after a re-install with a later build.

After the CD burning drama, it couldn't recognise all my devices, so I had a pile of peripherals lying in a corner of a room. Even after device drivers were created for some devices, I've already moved on to the 64 bit version of Vista an…

Google sites

Here's a great alternative to sharepoint if collaboration needs to be deployed quickly without the microsoft mess.

The only downside is the 100MB quota. Have no time for blogger now. Goggle sites is rocking.