Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cure Singapore 01/08/07

I'm wondering if anyone noticed Bob changing the words in Never Enough to "Singapore baby" instead of "Japanese baby".

I think the last time I watched the cure was in 1994 in Melbourne. This gig was I think longer if my foggy memory works and they played tons, making it real value for money at $60 bucks an hour for the $180 buck free standing tickets.

And jeez, I've never seen so many camera phones in action. Sometimes they were really irritating. Lest to say I took a picture too :P. But at least I didn't stick it someone's face to frame and zoom for 5 minutes. Here's how a quick 2 second lift and snap looks like.

Splitting the home network

Who wouldn't want to separate the traffic at home for security reasons. The more common ones include wireless guest and wireless users. ...