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Jet concert - Fort Canning

This is the second time I'm watching Jet, first somewhere in the Valley in Brisbane. Still as entertaining and not so full on. Quite a chilled out gig. If you watch them, drink lots of beer.

Taken ‎"Tuesday, ‎19 ‎June, ‎2007, ‏‎1:25:30 PM"? Hmm, that didn't make any sense, maybe the phone's timezone is off again. Silly windows mobile.

Well, I had the phone serviced and flashed the ROM with Windows Mobile 6 sometime after this shot was taken.

google desktop and pidgin to the rescue

My windows machine is now Vista.

Why? After the failed installation of Office 2007, installed as an upgrade from Office 2003, I was unable to create any more charts in Excel. Apparently there is no fix for this and no matter how many un-installations and installations of Office you do after that, or muck with the registry files, its not going to come back to life.

The solution, backup your data, reformat and install Vista. The vista performance index of my Dell Latitude D620 N series is 3. Although it is quite capable of running all the Aero stuff. that gave me a bit of a headache, so I set it to max performance and put all the classic features.

So far, the major downsides to Vista apart was with the live search (which of course doesn't find anything) and also live messenger. Coincidentally, both tools have the word Live in it, so maybe its the same bunch of people with another different installation of windows.

Anyways, not going to go through the whole hassle of another re-install,…

First youtube post - shimmering

This is actually the name of a default patch on my pod xt live effects pedal. I was testing it out and recorded this while I was at it.

The photos were taken from a nature walk further down from the gold coast at Burleigh heads. For a nature walk, there was sure a lot of rescue craft about, lifeguards, boat and even a helicopter. Must be rather safe if the sharks don't get you first.