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using openvpn via an ssh tunnel via http proxy

This is how to use openvpn via an ssh tunnel via http proxy on windows to create a network route between 2 LANs or for you to access your office computer directly from home.

I'm using Windows at the office and Linux at home. You will need Openvpn 2 and putty for this. This is theoratical and should not work, however for some reason you decide to try this and have it work, Let me know. However if you publish your openvpn service on port 22, this should have no issues. Just skip the following ssh step.

To start ssh tunnel with putty. make sure that the http proxy is configured with a keepalive and in the SSH section create a new rule that uses L1194 localhost:1194

The server command you can run on your linux box at home:

openvpn --port 1194 --proto tcp-server --dev tun --comp-lzo --ifconfig

The client command you run on the workstation in the office is:

openvpn --remote localhost 1194 --http-proxy 8080 proxy.txt --http-proxy-timeout 5 --dev tun --proto t…

OS upgrade

Although its been a month or so since I received my AMD 64 3200+ and DFI LANparty UT nF3 Ultra-D from a friend, I'm still only setting it up and breaking it in.

One of the first few questions I tried to figure out was what operating system are I going to load in it or rather what was the best OS around to use on it. So, I decided to try a few after buying a few more parts for it.

I bought a ASUS AGP Nvidia 7600 GS Silent (no fan) and a couple of 320GB SATA drives with the Gigabyte 550W power suppy and centurion 5 case with 1GB PC DDR 400 memory.

The first OS I decided to try was Vista, after all it was the latest and greatest right? Well, it installed no problems, and I even liked the new Windows movie maker that can with it. Yes, some "WOW". My PC scored a 4 on the Vista performance scale. Not too bad, with the CPU having the lowest score of 4. And more WOW, the sound didn't work. Yes, there were no drivers for it and when I went to the Vista site to look for audio sup…