Thursday, April 19, 2007

the network is the game

I've just discovered Sun's gaming strategy which is probably a bit slow, but I think it was an easy thing to miss which is my excuse. The games (non Sun Java) that get noticed have large product launches and snazzy graphics, fast computer requirements and heaps of advertisements and some freebies (which the high price of the game probably pays for).

However, according to Sun, "the network is the game". Sounds familiar? Because they also say "the network is the computer". I bet if they had to do something else like refrigeration, they would most likely say "the network is the fridge".

To Sun, games are java based and have generally bad graphics. Its almost back to the stone age to start at the beginning, but it does make sense as these games can be addictive and I do know a couple of people who play these Java games. Not everyone can rely on a keen sense of instincts and reaction times which are what all these fast paced action games are. And these games are sometimes better thought out for logic.

Still, most people still tend to fall prey to marketing and fancy boxes. (e.g. I just bought the Kane edition metal box for C & C Tiberian wars). Fancy graphics is what I like, Hollywood special effects and watching massive battles which I can control. Still Supreme Commander is another computer upgrade and I might actually give that a miss. :(

So a reliance on fast computers isn't the way to go either as its basically a selfish act for people who can afford expensive consoles and workstations. *drat*

I think Sun's key strength is portability and usability on all platforms. Yes the company that tries too hard to play well with others. Where as their competitors just tell you to suffer and pay the price of their bad design by trying to get faster computers that are never fast enough. (bad code)

In this demanding world, although going back to basics is necessary, it seems that the money generators is the gaming population that needs the fancy graphics and gore. For the record, I think THQ's Dawn of War does a pretty good job at keeping the graphics descent and playability on mid range machines possible.

Check out these websites for the java stuff.

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