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why 5900 is so popular

5900 according to the world's port standards belong to VNC.

Its just nasty that MS tries to take over that port from such a old, useful and beloved application.

In fact I'm not sure what memo went out, but both remote desktop services as well as virtual remote control actually both use the port as well. So thats even another conflict within the same platform. This means that remote access to your workstation and your virtual server services are not able to run in harmony until you change the detault ports.

So I am guessing that 5900 is actually the global remote access port and that all "remote" applications should use it with the only limitation is that you can't use 2 of any application at the same time without changing ports to non standard ports.

Yuck Yuck Yuck.

On the point of non standard ports, I asked a network administrator why do people change their ports to use non standard ports. The answer as I heard was for security reasons.

And then I asked. whats the p…

Connecting to the windows 2003 console from XP

Microsoft documented (my comments in brackets):
To connect to the console, administrators can choose one of the following methods: Use the Remote Desktop Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in(Download from god knows where and super near impossible to find from the microsoft site)

Run the Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) program with the /console switch.
(Easiest to use but its through cmd or via "Run"on the start menu. E.g. mstsc /v: /console)

Create Remote Desktop Web Connection pages that set the ConnectToServerConsole property. (hmm? Clearly very well documented as that was about all that was mentioned, just use the previous example. Its almost like another hidden feature in XP like netmeeting.)

New year gadget list

With the chinese new year and all, here are my recent additions to my road warrior gadget list.

O2 Zinc Mobile

Feedback & Review :
This is similar to the Dopod 838 pro. Its got all the base functions and even a more logical and compatible headphone jack. Size and Dimensions are identical on looks. I compared them side by side and the Dopod might actually be a tad heavier.

I actually got this as a Starhub promotion to get a free can of abalone. As its a new phone, most people would base whether to get it on the reviews. So far from what I read about the reviews, most reviewers are only phone users and not PDA/computer users. One such review mentioned that the phone can be only be used with a stylus. "Duh", there is a slide out keyboard and keyboard shortcuts makes this PDA real quick and easy to navigate and use without a stylus unless for web browsing.

The sluggishness of the OS is comparable to most new Nokias and windows smartphones. The price to pay for functionality. I …

Back in town again

IMG_1628, originally uploaded by melvenchok. Using the default lens on my Canon 350D from Sofitel viewing the Chinese New Year celebration fireworks.