Thursday, January 04, 2007

Who buys AGP these days?

Oddly enough, I've thought about who would want to get high end AGP cards when motherboards these days are all PCI-E 16x. Well today I answered my own question.

I picked up the Gecube AGP 8x Radeon X1300 (from Radeon 8500) for my Socket A AMD 2000+ (1.7 ghz) as well as the Antec Sonata II "Quiet" case to solve some heat and Vista compatibility issues to future proof this machine. Vista didn't like the Radeon 8500 for all its fancy OS X and X11 copied GUI.

The case was quite impressive and came with a heffy great 450W power supply (upgrade from a 230W power supply) to power the AGP graphics card, but didn't seem to take the temperature of mainboard according the sis sandra who reported that temperature should be below 50 degrees. I'm guessing farenheit. I feel better that my drives are not next to the power supply now, but it still looks like a bigger CPU cooler is in order if I want to run this as a media PC in the future.

How much is too much?

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