Friday, October 20, 2006

why you so kayu?

Sometimes we use words so often, we forget what it actually means. I recently used the word Kayu, but when asked to translate it, I wasn't quite able to give a literal translation.

And appalingly, bablefish did not contain the malay-english translation. Anyway after a bit of searching, I realised that Ka yu mean wood in berhasa indonesia.

However in Singaporean context, it basically means silly. I suppose when someone said you have a wooden head, it generally means that you are pretty dumb. I suppose the next evolution of the word has changed its meaning yet again when in football, an own goal is scored. we say , "goalie ka yu" also suggests that was some bribing involved in that goal as well apart from being rather silly.

So there you have it. the effectiveness of common language and how the years have made a simple line so descriptive.

A singlish guide can be found here. Its not as detailed, but does cover some of the more basic words.


Anonymous said...

Oui, bloody potato!
Kayu means lousy, lah.
And you say, "Goalie kayu" means goalie lousy. If you want to say the goalie's been bribed, it's "goalie kelong". And it's usually in reference to the referee, not the goalie.

Melven said...

OOPS, big boo boo there. Thanks for pointing that out,

- kan tang

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