Friday, September 29, 2006

i have lost the ability to read

I think one of the by products of the internet generation is the lost of ability to read.

Lets face it. there is so much junk out there that after a while you get ignore the bulk of it, or start reading 3 words and make up the rest of the article or email.

I have to admit out of the 50 - 80 emails I get a day from my 3-5 mailboxes, I probably only read like 5 and that is like . This means that I only read less than 10% of my emails. I mostly just read the title and quickly decide if it is spam or not.

The same with web surfing, and new program interfaces. if it isn't immediately intuitive its probably not worth using.

So who do you think needs to be improved, the creator or the user?

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I usually read first and last couple of lines. If the writer followed the standard by writing introduction/conclusion, then I know what the article is about and figure out the rest myself. If not, I don't bother and move on to the next. After the internet made more information available at out fingertips, we went from nomad to scholar to information filter.

Hence the creator needs to be improved cause we won't even know they exist if they don't conform to us. In short, egg and chicken problem.

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