Saturday, July 15, 2006

spoilt by choice

With some time away, I started to think that Australia was catching up in the IT space. However on returning, I realised that Singapore is still far ahead and cannot be overtaken on IT consumerism.

There's way too much choice and selection of products and at a pretty competitive prices.

The would be several reasons why Australia would not be able to catch up. Consumer behavior and poorer distribution channels.

Consumer behavour can be altered with increased immigrants wanting the technology they are familiar with, but the increased price of moving stuff around the country and labour will still lead to higher prices.

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NabeelC said...

Thats what I have been saying for so long, but no one believed me. Those patriotic morons.

First off, everything here is twice the price. Phone/Laptops/PDA/iPod/Computer Parts etc.

Second, not all models come here, and if they do, its probably after the rest of the world.

Third, finding a vendor that sells the stuff is hard, whether its shop or online.

And don't even get me started on the cost of internet and bandwidth.

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