Tuesday, May 09, 2006

boo hoo - i sold my ibook

I have to admit, i'm relatively disorientated at this point. I didn't realise how important my ibook was. I suppose the thought that I have 2 more machines at home and that can effectively last me through the rest of the year at least.

But, its all the little things you do that you dont realise is specific to machines. Like I do all my wordprocessing and spreadsheet work on my mac. I think using my PC is great, but I just dont know where to put the files and I just ended up trashing one months worth of work by accident.

ARgh! I'd need to rethink my workflow and strategy all over again, before I start doing stupid things and time is running out as more work piles up.

Food for thought, do you make your computers revolve around your work or do you force your work to revolve around your computers?

Which one are you?


Anonymous said...

HA! So i'm not the only one

NabeelC said...

My PC revolves around my work. Software are supposed to make work easier. Work is not supposed to make software easier.

Basically, chicken comes before the egg. :p

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