Saturday, April 22, 2006

mommy, i want a blade

This statement can possibly be one of the more inevitable aspects of our lives, as computers become more and more embedded into our lives.

Kids of 3-6 yrs getting on internet explorer and visiting on their own. Its a pretty good website that is guranteed to entertain any toddler. Slightly frustrating for adults, but the kids seem to like it.

At ages 12 to 14, they will probably want there AMD CPU with a kick ass 3D accerator with wide screen high res screen to play proper games on. I'm sure their game console will be hooked up to the monitor as well. (plasma?)

Once they get to 16, instead of a car, they will go "mommy, I want a blade. I've got a school project and I want to see if my experiments will work." Make space in the garage and haul in the server rack with 10 TB in some storage array and a 2-4 node cluster?

Who knows maybe kids just want a frisbee and a yo-yo.


NabeelC said...

Don't be rediculus. Uni's have Unix running SunOS 5.9 (yup, its still alive) which more than does the job of blade. If more more computing power is needed, just get a work form signed from the professor and run your code on kick ass SGI XMPs. Of course, there is usually a huge queue for the SGIs. Blame it on those lame biochemists.

After uni, can't be bothered. Just get someone else to do it :)

Melven said...

Thats good to know that some kids are practical.

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