Wednesday, April 12, 2006

kernel compilation - part 1

i'm sure this is going to be a multi part series. one of the more basic things that been around for ages and most out of the box solution people dred. I think its something to be tackled headon for in the quest for computer adulthood to get past the delinquent years.

The first question I will ask as a out of box type of guy is, "Is this an art or science, skill or attitute?"

Going back a few years, kernels used to be so easy to compile, I remembered running make xconfig on redhat 4 or 5 and there really wasn't that much too choose. looking at all the configs now. its a real killer you wouldn't even want to type make config.

So that means it needs patience. patience = attitude.

Art or science? pull out that techno dictionary and start reading. Finished reading? Ok, no disregard half of what you read, mostly the parts you dont understand (this assumes you got the right attitude). Alternatively, pull apart the hardware you have. inventorise what you have on a piece of paper and make the right choices on what you really need on your machine. So as there is some procedure for this, it can be considered a science and sciences can be learnt. Hurray!

Before everyone falls asleep again, I shall end part one. in fact i wanted to write a blog titled "sex and kernel compilation" or just called "sex" to get people to read about kernels.

Moving into the next few parts, I will hopefully get to the parts why doing this is good for you hopefully in an identifiable benefits statements.


NabeelC said...

The biggest dissapointment of kernel compiling is that no one cares after you finish.

With new distros coming out everyday and old ones spitting out new releases, I don't feel I've achieved anything.

Melven said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. wait for part 2.

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