Saturday, April 22, 2006

is wireless the wave of the future

As I sit in my room coiling 20+ cables that didn't quite make it into the new setup. I keep thinking of all the people who try to convince me that wireless is the way to go.

Its not that I totally do not believe everything should be wired, but I've seen so many issues with wireless technology.

Here's a brief breakdown of cables i have. Power cables, 1/4 in, TRS, XLR, midi, USB, firewire, DVI, component, VGA, RCA audio, CAT5, SPDIF, etc. Right, so lets make all this wireless. How much bandwidth can you put into the air and not get conflicts in frequencies. I believe the air is polluted enough. I can't even get a good large file transfer with 802.11g without my neighbour accidentally disconnecting me. Speed rules doesn't it and everyone wants broadband which you can't get at this point with wireless.

Contrary to what my wife thinks, I dont really like cable messes. Sure, I'd like to clean it all up. I actually like the idea of multi purpose hub based fiber cable that does all protocols including power.

Yup, how about fibre channel hook up every home and have personal junction/firewall boxes to each household. Each rooms has a couple of fibre sockets that provide energy through high powered lasers. Maybe by then 30% of the earth population will already be living in space due to taxation reasons, i.e. no tax or tax benefits in space.

Back to the point. wireless at present should be used for wifi surfing, mobile phones and television remote controls.

Troubleshooting isn't really easier too. Give me a cable anyday.


Anonymous said...

Stealing bandwidth from your neighbours is fast becoming common in the housing estates here

Melven said...

maybe i ought to walk over to my neighbour's house and tell him to add a password to his internet router.

SSID is currently linksys with no password :P

the other neighbours learnt their lesson and now on WPA encryption.

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