Monday, March 20, 2006

IBM water cooling racks

Real funny coz i sat through a ibm blade presentation today and at the end they were introducing the water cooled server racks. (oddly enough was an idea i had 5 years ago).

Anyway, i mentioned it looked quite cool and all it was missing was the blue neon lights. I didn't think anyone else found it hilarious because i didn't get any laughs.

Maybe its just a gamer thing. Boy do I feel misunderstood.

Blades are cool and everyone should own one chassis. The big blue is still boring but, in the case of boring machines that have totally compatible parts whether or not they are required (like the thinkpad and AS400 keyboards), they have done it again.

Blue neon lights will solve it all! Big blue even. how can they not go for it? Its a sure winner.


Anonymous said...

Didn't they get bought over by a chinese company?

NabeelC said...

The chinese company, Lenovo, only bought their pc/laptop division, not server.

Anyway, how could those idiots not get blue neon lights? Must be those lame people who became admins after taking a few MCSE course and have no passion for modding.

Melven said...

only their personal computer division got bought over i think.

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