Sunday, March 26, 2006

australian fedora mirrors for yum

After a rather bizarre disappearance of the optusnet mirror, i decided to use the pacficnet mirror instead. These are the sites that i use for the repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d

I would suggest you make a copy of your current files before you change the links.




Monday, March 20, 2006

IBM water cooling racks

Real funny coz i sat through a ibm blade presentation today and at the end they were introducing the water cooled server racks. (oddly enough was an idea i had 5 years ago).

Anyway, i mentioned it looked quite cool and all it was missing was the blue neon lights. I didn't think anyone else found it hilarious because i didn't get any laughs.

Maybe its just a gamer thing. Boy do I feel misunderstood.

Blades are cool and everyone should own one chassis. The big blue is still boring but, in the case of boring machines that have totally compatible parts whether or not they are required (like the thinkpad and AS400 keyboards), they have done it again.

Blue neon lights will solve it all! Big blue even. how can they not go for it? Its a sure winner.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nigel Kennedy wasn't bad

Well, to be honest i went for the concert not expecting too much so it was better than I expected.

It was good that he didn't only play 4 seasons doing a couple of his own compositions and a bach piece. He just zipped through 4 seasons without talking too much which I thought was refreshing from his standard verbal dieorrea. Not to mention the football kicking thing made it more a cheap act. He should find alternating acts.

On a whole, I thought the concert reminded me too much of the pet shop boys gig due to a oldish woman bouncer that flashed her torchlight at me when i was trying to get a picture of the hall with my lousy no flash phone. And Nigel wasn't even playing! In front of me people were using flash cameras and they wouldn't even getting hauled off.

So Nigel if you ever read this. I thought your playing was very expressive and playing more jazz other than strangers in the night would have been better, but I'll blame the QLD orchestra for that.

Skype TV

Here's a more bizarre way of watching network video with only one tv tuner card i've recently accidently found out.

1) Install the new skype program with video on all your source and target machine.

2) on the machine with the tv tuner card, make the video source

3) make a call between the machines and enable video on the one with the tv tuner

There wasn't that much lag for full on television. Picture quality wasn't that good, but watchable. The disadvantage was that audio can be heard on both ends while watching and channels can't be changed with skype. I'd recommend VNC for that purpose which you can initiate the call yourself as well.

Monday, March 13, 2006

palm tungsten c review

Well, after 3 years of using my palm tungsten C, i think i should be able to give a rather accurate on how this pda has faired and whethere it can be considered good ROI.

For starters, the reason why I got it in the first place was more emotional than logical. Not to mention, there wasn't a lot of time spent in the decision making process. And it all started when I accidentally stepped on my bag in my bedroom one night breaking the screen of my palm Vx and didn't realise it until the next day.

I wanted a replacement and quick to distract me from the pain, hence buying the most expensive and newest palm at that time. Here is the list of things I found really useful all this while. I gave each factor some stars, max score is 5 stars, i.e. *****.

Wifi - **
(really depends on where you work)

What i really wanted was wifi, working in school campus for the first year made it all worthwhile. The school also had pptp vpn and that was great too. I was able to do quite a lot during meeting while not using a laptop or anything bulky.

After I left that workplace, i found a lot less uses for the PDA, I could use it at home, but the inability to do a wireless sync didn't help. It doesn't support WPA as well which is the new security setting most people are using these days.

Qwerty keyboard - *****

I totally forget how to write in graphiti anymore, although my normal handwriting can be commonly mistaken for fowl scratchings.

Compute power - *****

I've absolutely no complains about how fast this PDA is. I think its also mostly to do with the palm OS as well. Performance might be related to how many apps you can run at the same time and i've never really had a good performance experience with windows mobile edition.

Document syncing - **

Documents-to-go comes in the factory preset, Yay! considering how many times I had to hard reset it. But, whats it doing to my Mac? Creating multiple versions once it detects any changes are made? Ok, so this isn't really a bad thing, but some housekeeping is definately involved. Also gets some error messages

SD-card - ***

One of the coolest things i've ever done was to take an SD card from someone's digital camera and copy the files directly to my PDA. I've only done it once, but I have to admit, it felt really good doing it. Right now, the SD card reader is broken :(.

Versa mail - **

I dont know where did the versa mail advertising come from, but i've never been able to sync it with my outlook mail and contacts dont sync either. I think 3rd party software is probably required. I just use it to download my gmail via POP. cool unless you already marked that email as read.

Service - ***

I've sent my PDA back twice and I'd need to send it back again because of the SD card reader fault. They aren't too bad. The first time I sent it back, they gave me another repaired one saying there's something funky with the first gen one that I have.


In comparison to other generic PDAs, the tungsten C is a great PDA, however I would say its overpriced and less featured than I imagined it. It's firmware isn't that upgradeable to the current standard to support bluetooth and proper wifi.

I think its still very usable and i'm hope it has a very long life span to come, regardless of the limitations. The simple things like the qwerty keyboard was a winner, but its not back lit which makes the PDA useless in no light conditions (since I turned off graphiti on screen).

Monday, March 06, 2006

easy peasy lemon squeezy

I cannot explain pompous people. I am sure the world is filled with people that are going to put you down as often as they can to prove they are better.

I would think most people would expect it by now, but somehow we still seem a little shocked when it happens. If there was any explanation of teenage life, it would be to prepare us from these scenarios.

Maybe it's God syndrome. Maybe because you have the rights to alter people's directory permissions or work in an area where monkeys may feel challenged, does it make you feel more superior than other monkeys?

I maintain my professional face as I laugh inside at the childish ignoramus of the deliberating ape.

"Obiwan has taught you well, but ..."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

s/pdif audio rocks

Ah, the simple things in life. I dont know why it didn't occur to me earlier, but I finally put a s/pdif cable which i had spare for a while and put it between my old creative live drive and cambridge speakers.

And it sounds great.

There was now a clear distinction in different audio channels when i listen to music and I dont think its my imagination.

So points to note. Since most MOBO comes with spdif outputs, it will definately be worthwhile to get speakers that have it as well. Secondly, good old stuff really do have long life spans.

dead pi

Well, I guess it has to happen at some point. the home automation raspberry pi has died. Much to do with the stupid Strontium mini SD card. ...