Tuesday, February 14, 2006

is nigel kennedy any good?

I just received my tickets for nigel kennedy who's coming to brisbane to play four seasons yet again. Ah, the pangs of being a star only known for a specific work that I hope isn't his best.

If you are a rock star, at least you get people like who look like they are enjoying themselves throughout the song, not sitting there staring blankly.

i suppose the problem with classical musicians is that everyone keeps quiet so screw ups are more obvious. But then again, he can always say its his version of it isn't it?

got to listen to those mp3s again so i'd know how to whistle along.

You can't really tell how good performers are these days, because no matter how crap they are, since people pay a whole ton, you know they already want to have a good time, so a standing ovation is natural. Where's the trill in that?

All time worse band concerts: Bush at the monash auditorium melbourne (they really suck and have abosolutely no respect for the audience even in the small venue.)

Better off listening to the album band: Placebo at brisbane convention hall. I truely expected better.

Will find out if old nigel joins the list next month.


Jolly Lucifer said...

Nigel's not too bad, just has trouble living down the hype from fifteen years ago. Nice technique and fairly unique interpretation. Just a little difficult taking him seriously, even after all this time.

Melven said...

yeah, i heard he's an aston villa fan. will make another post after the concert this coming friday.

thenastybeagle said...

hey, i attended his concert when he was in singapore, many many moons ago, when he was just starting out. and he was good! of course, his polka dot hanky (i think it was purple) which he used to wipe sweat from his brow was quite a useful distraction device, seeing as i remember it vividly---haha. who said only pop/rock stars could distract us from listening to their music? :)

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