Friday, February 10, 2006

gmail chat with elmer fudd

During the process of upgrading my browser while getting really frustrated that my default search engine was, i realised that you can actually set your default language to elmer fudd. all you need to do is:

Pweferwences > Intewface Wanguage > Dispway Google tips and messages in: ewmew fudd

also using and leaving it logged in allows you to google chat via the webpage. how cool is that?

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NabeelC said...

Word on the street is people are trying to add Jabber/XMPP protocol to Asterisk. Once thats done, then you can call people using Jabber clients like Google Talk and vice versa.

Good thing about this is transparency. People trying to VoIP you no longer needs to know your IP address or have Asterisk or do any configuration on their end. They just sign into Google and click to call you on your Asterisk extension.

On another note, I heard from a reliable source that Win32 version of Asterisk can use normal 56K modem as a FXO/FXS card unlike the Linux version.

Of course, your modem can only act as a PSTN gateway, that is, PSTN people call you and Asterisk picks up and forwards to your extension, or you call from your extension out into the PSTN world. But you can't use the modem as ATA device.

Like I said, I heard this from a reliable source but haven't confirmed it yet. Will let you know when I do.

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