Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"new" internet explorer?

I had a quick go at the new beta internet explorer a few days ago. initially i thought i was using firefox with some funky skin due to the tabulated feature which looked like it had more bells and whistles.

My conclusion, if you can't beat them, join them, which looks like the path Microsoft has decided to take. Safari and mozilla have been using tabulated browsing and its pretty much become a trend for most surfers. Not to mention, you dont get confused at which instance of IE is hogging the most resources when firefox has only one process instance.

I would think that internet explorer is still a very popular browser because of shoddy developers who do not code for compatibility and only preview in internet explorer. Maybe that has changed, but its the way I remember it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

terminology and the befuddlement of english

The occupational hazzard of anyone in information technology. I believe that this plague is so rampant that you are probably already infected and may not even know it. This plague is "terminolgy" aka "jargon".

For example, it is evident when a manager says, "please explain this in a language that I will understand", of which it never really happens and the person walks away with another pre-consieved issue. You hardly hear an engineer ask the manager "tell me this in a language I'll understand." My assumption on this fact is that the engineer probably doesn't care what the manager is saying to begin with, either that there is nothing of value that really can be contributed.

Management or marketing speak is as deadly and contagious as technical speak. In this day and age where mutual understanding is of utmost importance, given racial or cultural differences, we should enforce the fact that people need to speak clearly rather than try to muddlefuddle each other.

The next time someone tells you to explain in simple english, tell them to paraphrase in vulcan.

is nigel kennedy any good?

I just received my tickets for nigel kennedy who's coming to brisbane to play four seasons yet again. Ah, the pangs of being a star only known for a specific work that I hope isn't his best.

If you are a rock star, at least you get people like who look like they are enjoying themselves throughout the song, not sitting there staring blankly.

i suppose the problem with classical musicians is that everyone keeps quiet so screw ups are more obvious. But then again, he can always say its his version of it isn't it?

got to listen to those mp3s again so i'd know how to whistle along.

You can't really tell how good performers are these days, because no matter how crap they are, since people pay a whole ton, you know they already want to have a good time, so a standing ovation is natural. Where's the trill in that?

All time worse band concerts: Bush at the monash auditorium melbourne (they really suck and have abosolutely no respect for the audience even in the small venue.)

Better off listening to the album band: Placebo at brisbane convention hall. I truely expected better.

Will find out if old nigel joins the list next month.

Friday, February 10, 2006

gmail chat with elmer fudd

During the process of upgrading my browser while getting really frustrated that my default search engine was, i realised that you can actually set your default language to elmer fudd. all you need to do is:

Pweferwences > Intewface Wanguage > Dispway Google tips and messages in: ewmew fudd

also using and leaving it logged in allows you to google chat via the webpage. how cool is that?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

putty doesn't work on the o2 xphone II

I downloaded the ssh client for windows mobile 2003 and it refused to work on my phone. messed up the GUI as well. I guess it was built for the windows PDAs instead.

Another quirk is that when I tried to use windows media player to transfer songs. if too many songs are attempted to be sync'd at the same time, it crashes the phone. No cntl-alt-del there. Had to remove battery.

And on the point of battery, it dies in less than a day with normal use, maybe i shouldn't leave it plugged into the USB port for so long.

Well another one bites the dust.

Still, it does sync my outlook calender and really portable, so I can't really complain, or did I already?

process and port references

these are really useful for knowing what your computer is doing

process references, use your task manager to get this information

port references, type netstat in a command window to view your used ports

dead pi

Well, I guess it has to happen at some point. the home automation raspberry pi has died. Much to do with the stupid Strontium mini SD card. ...