Friday, January 20, 2006

recommended aussie software

So we hear lots of strange things happen down under, and similarly in the software world where you wouldn't expect a lot down here due to the slight lag in receiving the latest technology. Suprisingly or not so suprisingly, there are pretty good stuff happening here. The reason for this I believe is the simplicity of designs which is innate in the explorer culture. Having to do with less to try to do more, which is an admirable trait.

These are the two latest software I would highly recommend.

Wavepad, its an audio editor which can be a wavelab replacement. I'm sure the name has nothing to do with that.

We have seen quite a lot of SQL clients for Oracle but I think this one will kick a lot of butts once its finished. Not a bias opinion since it was written by a friend, but it is designed with the simplicity of golden plus some features similar to toad and without the heavy resource use

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