Tuesday, January 24, 2006

back on track, 4 track

Contrary to the title, my 4 track needs to get its pots cleaned. Might have to send it in for servicing to get all the connections sorted and hissing removed whenever you try to put a tape in.

But, good to say I'm back on track with recording, started not to be lazy and plugged my cubase key into my new monitor's usb hub. Still strange things happening with my midi clock when recording. Latency seems to be too high. I still suspect it to be the USB bus being overloaded.

Cross referenced the VST performance on cubase with latency when recording audio. The system didn't seem to be suffering, but audio went a bit wonky. There was this site the guy at brisbane sound group recommended to tune windows xp, which actually seems mostly valid provided you dont go overboard.


Hopefully this isn't an excuse to get a new workstation. The new machines look rather desirable or maybe I should update my sequencer. Unfortunately my workstation is under the recommended specs. Yet another excuse?


mohmbra said...

cubase rocks! It won't fuck up on you and now it's even become japanese I really think so.

Melven said...

you mean steinberg.de to steinberg.jp?

dead pi

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