Tuesday, December 06, 2005

aliens designed apple computers

Last night I dreamt I was back in my old room and there was a blackout. My UPS was buzzing and I had to rush to shutdown all my machines with only 1 KVM.

Soon after I hit control alt delete to save time, the wall I was facing was sucked away leaving a funny material wall with a small beige cusioned tunnel. the flat cusions was stuck to the walls of the tunnel with velcro.

I climbed into the tunnel and finally reached a white corridor and discovered little blue aliens. The aliens revealed that they designed apple computers when I noted that the ship internals look familier. As I walked along the corridors, I noticed a small chill out loungy looking bathing pool with bubbles populated with some guy and more aliens. I also met some immortals from "The Highlander" one played by Sean Connery.

Soon it was time to leave and I was hoping for a free mac. Unfortunately they didn't keep any stock but were kind enough to loan me one of the early concept design macs which actually looked like a 1970s portable hifi box with USB ports and VGA port on the side and a purple CRT monitor(similar to the blueberry series).

They explained that this model didn't do very well in the trade show and they finally went with the current designs. Purple wasn't very popular as well, so I could keep the monitor.

I probably exited the spacecraft and ended up in some graveyard voodoo ritual, but thats another story.

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Anonymous said...

Your best post yet you freakishly sexy cyber stud!

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