Sunday, November 13, 2005

Setup Grip to encode to mp3 and include track numbers

In Fedora Core 3, the default encoder is oggenc which encodes to ogg format and not to the more popular mp3. The default setup also does not put the track number in front. This can be configured as followed.

1) Download and install lame-3.96.1-2.1.fc3.rf.i386.rpm from Dag. This is not included in the fedora installation even the full install of 4 disks!

2) Change the Encoder Settings - Config > Encode > Encoder

Encoder: lame
Encoder command-line: -h -b %b %w %m
Encode file extension: mp3
Encode file format ~/mp3/%A/%d/%t_%n.mp3

I pretty much just left the encoder command line as default, but changed the bitrate in the Options tab to 192

3) For consistency, I changed the ripper options in Config > Rip > Ripper

Rip file format ~/mp3/%A/%d/%t_%n.wav

4) yibidi, yibidi - thats all folks.

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