Saturday, November 26, 2005

Isync can only setup one symbian phone on Panther

Yikes! Just got a Panasonic X700 and tried to set it up on my ibook still running Mac OS X 10.3. with isync 1.5

One of the first hurdles was the fact that the Panasonic x700 is not listed as a supportable device in Panther. This was easily overcome by a published hack

The only thing to note when making changes to the file example is to use correct the device address. You can also change the phone name as well. I changed mine to the same name as what I named and paired the mobile as.
If you do not know the name or device address, goto: System Preferences > Bluetooth > Devices

Next was the really curious bit. I attempted to add my 6600 back as another sync device and it started complaining. So it seems that 1.5 can only manage one symbian phone sync at a time.

The solution, remove and add. The painful part in that is the x700 is not supported.

Unix script to the rescue. Create 2 files, one for each phone, e.g.

Script version:

cd /Library/Application\ Support/SyncService/501
cp SymbianConduitDefaults.plist_$1 SymbianConduitDefaults.plist

Finder version (its not in a hidden directory):

Your HD > Library > Application Support > SyncService > (your user id, i.e. the only folder you have access to) 501
Same thing, create 2 files and just rename or replace using [apple]-c and [apple]-v when needed

Apple isync support can be found a here.

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