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Guide to buying music gear in Australia

It was one of the longest queues I've ever seen in Brisbane waiting for a shop to open. The one day only sale at Billy Hyde Music. They sent me the brochure that promised $5 condenser microphones, which I did not see. and did not really have a chance to ask for because it was just a mad house. They did seem pretty professional with piped music, live act and annoucements for the people queing outside. I have to say the first half hour was torturous. But I'm sure if there was a similar sale in Singapore, it would be equivelent to the esprit or zara sale.

Items itself were cheaper and relatively good prices, but since there were so many people about, further bargaining wasn't very likely. This would have been of greater value if people already know what they want and have previously negotiated good prices and walk in to see if they can get a better deal.

One more point on tackling the sale, allow yourself a lot of time. As I had only 30 mins before leaving for my tire servicing appointment. Deciding to do my shopping next year in Singapore, I decided not to go away empty handed for my troubles of getting in and bought a Beringer Ultra DI box for $50 normally $65 at Allens but retailing at Billy Hyde at $79. $50 bucks to getting it in Singapore would have been about the same, but the only difference being a local warranty.

Things are normally more expensive here. There are a few discounts which makes something worthwhile, but whats really great is the warranty service. Most importantly, "Keep the receipt". With the receipt, people are more likely to want to help you out. So sometimes paying that extra isn't a bad idea for a piece of mind. Which reminds to visit drum worx again to get my dodgy yamaha high hat pedal fixed.

Another recommended shop is Brisbane Sound Group on Sandgate road. The guys know their stuff and its not all about selling something right there and then. Amazing service. Allans is quite alright, on Queen street mall, I have not bought anything from there yet. I've heard the prices are good and I have seen a really nice spirit compact mixer for cheap, but didn't pick it up. Music express at kessels road, near the junction of mains road is quite nice as well. Lastly, at the homemaker city at Jindalee, Music Junction I think its called, where my wife takes piano lessons. Nice friendly folk and not very packed place. Gives you time to muddle on the guitar, although not a big selection of items.

As most of these places are rather distributed, unless you like window shopping and looking at various gear, its easy to pick up the phone and call to make price comparisons. Thats the quickest way to get the best deal. Happy hunting.


mohmbra said…
hey Mel have you gone into music full time now? Gear buying is still better in sgp but bigger music scene in Aus
Melven said…
Yeah, I got a band so far, but still nothing serious as yet. Going back after chrismas to pick up more gear. Meet up for drinks.

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