Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Apple is Evil

The worse of wars come from the best of intentions. As much as I am an Apple fan, I occasionally get the sinking feeling that my passion in the future will be naught.

We all have heard that "windows is evil" more often than any other operating systems. Occasionally we feel that way, which our machines crashing, our data corrupted, virus attacks, etc. Giving it some credit, I am impressed with XP and my consistent uptime. In fact it now "has been up for: 14 day(s), 8 hour(s), 11 minute(s), 49 second(s)"

We all know mac's are great. Great for uptime, great for idiots, great on a total cost of ownership in any organisation, although not widely accepted. After reading Winn's Mac/Wintel TCO analysis, mac wins on the virus, spyware patching stuff. But why run analyse TCO of just that? How about Fedora vs Wintel? If there is any basis of comparision in an organisation, it would solely be the compatibility factor of groupware applications like outlook and office. The corporate world still revolves around outlook doesn't it?

Apple is still in the game because of Microsoft's Entourage. Most like me have hear of Evolution, but does it really work? I am sure the move to Evolution will be successful only with the support of CIO changing outlook server settings, adequate testing and documentation of support. Is this too much trouble?

I think Sun had the right idea the first time when they recokoned that the network was the computer and everyone should have thin clients. They were and still are too advanced for this generation and I dont believe this sat well in the multimedia hungry world which wanted the power to create with their workstations, possibly leading to Microsoft's "start something" campaign, giving the user the power to "create".

So, lets get back to Apple, what is so potentially vicious? Is it another Microsoft? For some time, Apple produces the hardware as well as their software. This means when you buy the hardware, you will be forced to use Mac OS and buy Apple applications. 10 years ago if everyone wanted an Apple computer instead of the PC compatible, they would have ruled the world. Of course, hackers would have put another OS on it, but it wouldn't be a big percentage and they would still have ruled the world.

And its not just Apple out there forcing people to go the proprietary way. Sony developed the memory stick, a form of media compatible with all Sony devices. If you had a camera with a memory stick, chances are you want to plug that memory stick into your portable computer if possible directly and that would mean youre looking at getting a vaio for convience. Sounds too good to be true for the marketer? I believe this to be a double edged sword. Sony is at the last of my list when shopping electronics. This is because having my PDA using SD card means my camcorder or digital camera needs to preferbly use an SD card.

Maybe this will all change once Mac OS goes Intel. It is a strange and rather unknown road ahead. Apple may lose on the hardware side of things if consumers are able to load Mac OS on cheaper standard Intel hardware. Still this is not a bad thing as it gives more power to consumers, but I'm sure the marketers will make this short lived. What will they think of next, an Apple gaming console?


NabeelC said...

Apple going to Intel architecture isn't a bad thing. It'll finally unleash the full capability of Intel processors.

What apple (or baldy Steve)realized long ago is that software is king. Apple sells macs once which has a high manufacturing cost hence low profit margin. On other hand, develop software once and then cost of packaging is minimal. Example, OSX or Aperture. Once a mac is sold, you don't make any money from hardware. But software, you sell several for each mac. So one guy buys a mac and buy different 10 software to use on mac. The profit made from 10 software is more than profit on one mac.

So apple goes to intel architecture, now they will sell apple PC software.

Imagine OSX running on any PC.

Imagine the revenue even if no one buys apple-intel macs but 2% of PC people buy OSX x86 and 2 other apple pc software to install on their existing PC.

Melven said...

I'm glad you agree. It's a semi bad thing for Apple as a slight hinderance to world domination.

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