Friday, October 21, 2005

wish lists

The problem with wishlists is that they constantly change due to need. Hence the problem of saving for wish lists become even more of an issue. In the last 15 or so years in my life, I've kept a wish list of items and some of these items are still there since then, but happy to say that the bulk of the items are now gone. The days where the bulk of the list was amps, guitars and stompboxes are no longer here and the equipment have also all gone.

The one item that eludes me in a good synth. Although I had my Korg N5 for the last 6 years and has fuelled great sweeps and pads, not having multiple effects channels for midi channels really kicks the butt when you programing in multi mode.

Right now, I'm having to record each track to wave so I get each channel with the associated midi effect. I've outgrown my 15 year old fostex 4-track and currently using it as a mixer. It would have been crazy to keep boucing tracks. My lucky sequencer now is Cubase LE. Although I bought Cubase SE, I got a bit irratated with moving the dongle between machines that I now run LE on both. So far, I haven't yet hit the track limit.

My RM1x is back after 80 bucks replacing the control board. I lost my loops but at least I'm programming beats again. Now, how do i transfer that to Cubase. There should be a tool to import rm1x files to cubase on independent midi channels rather than put 16 channels into 1 midi track. You wouldn't believe how frustrating that is, or to sit though each midi track again just to record midi into cubase.

My Current Wish List

Joe Meek Compressor
Korg Triton Something
Mackie or Yamaha compact mixer
MPC styled midi controller (m-audio one looks pretty good)
Mastering software (probably ozone)
Canopus RT card
300 GB Serial ATA HDD

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