Tuesday, October 11, 2005

singaporen geeks unite

This post is a tribute to all you singaporean linux geeks out there. You will definately have strong feeling about this post, either good or bad.

Blog search "linux singapore" and you might come in contact with this article

http://fossplanet.osdir.com/Article6702.phtml which links to

dated 03/08/2005 15:11:17 Ok, so this is is real recent right? Beat this comment.

"The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) Technology Group has positioned Linux as a medium term technology bet, which means one to three years to mass adoption." Read on for more marketing.

For those new to linux this might actually mean something good to you, but for those who already know linux and the culture that developed it. Its basically putting it into a box and sticking a label on it. Well looking on the bright side, to some extent there is some focus on it now, although it doesn't sound right how its being brought across.

(clause: Linux isn't equal to open source, but i'm using it as an example.)

No doubt the culture of "Ai Pi, Ai Chi" (sorry about the spelling, feel free to correct me) Think that means want cheap, want "something or other" appeals to the corporate culture, but that isn't what it means for me (a person that sticks a linux box in and run opensource software whenever I can). To me, its FREEDOM. The unclutter from the corporate world dominated by the anal CIO and flashy salespitch.

Linux and open sourse is a break out of convention. Stop the rules, put anything you want in it coz we really dont care attitute. Forget govenance. If you think that you can't stick what you want into an existing distribution, why worry? Create a new distribution. This has led linux to the fully frilled and fat operating system it is today.

I'd like to see authorities control that. Code is very available and let the best exploit win. Lets see, does this mean creativity? Oh no, quick call the education department, we need to put a curriculum in place.

2 years ago I read a POV stating that linux/open source was bad. Early this year, I read a POV released from the same source that its now a great idea. The excuse being the technology needed to mature.

Side note; Apple? Open Source? Bwahahahaha!!! Think they are just trying to hide behind darwin.

Sign me up for SOSA! Hopefully some good will come out of it. Hope i can tahan the bureaucracy, but this organisation should really rock the boat for conventional computing.

If we dont change our culture, an amount of technology can save us. Live long and prosper.

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